Help - Videos
Help videos are available when help icon next to heading is clicked. Each page will have one video, which contains a step-by-step demonstration video of how that particular screen works, with instruction text.
There is no need to search a common library; each video is unique and meant only for that page.
Few terms may not be familiar in your company so to know what it means just do a mouse over the help icon next to it, A pop up appears and explains what is the term and what kind of settings you can do in it.
Help - HTML
We have HTML help page to ensure you get help even if the internet data is less, if you cant download video demos, you can get HTML help, this help page contains step by step instructions explained with images.
Report a Bug
We have the facility to report a bug from the software, if you are an admin user then you can take a screen shot and report the type of bug, The bugs reported will hit the dashboard of development team and there is a dedicated team working only on this to ensure it is closed as soon as possible.
Chat / Mail us
You can chat with us either in FB or whatsapp. There is a chat icon in right side bottom of BoTTime web page Or you can mail us any time. There will be a response with in 24 hours in a weekday. If you need a call back mention it in chat or mail that you need a call back with your phone number and your favorable time.
On site Training
If you need onsite training for employees to expertise in each screen, we do that too. Our executives will be in your doorstep for training your employees. There is a provision provided to book an appointment in BoTTime.
Data Entry Request
If you think your team cannot do data entry for entire employees then you can hire data entry operators from us. Either they will do it via remote system or come to your workplace and do it.
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